Candela Hot Sauce

Candela Hot Sauce


Husband and wife team, Grayson and Helena, share a passion and love for healthy, spicy food. Our hot sauces are all lacto-fermented with the only ingredients being peppers, sea salt, and water.  They are all natural, raw, and packed with probiotics. They never contain vinegar, sugar, or gluten.

The ancient method of lacto-fermentation creates an environment which kills off potentially harmful bacteria and supports the growth of healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus. During the fermentation process, the bacteria produce vitamin B and enzymes that are beneficial for digestion. Lactobacillus produces antibiotic and anticarcinogenic substances as well.

Our sauces also contain capsaicin, the compound found in peppers responsible for the heat. Capsaicin has amazing benefits. It is highly anti-inflammatory and regulates blood sugar. All this makes Candela Hot Sauce a great addition to any meal, to share with those who you love.

We support local farmers.